About Benze

We Provide Superior Quality & Service

Our Vision

To maintain the legacy of the Benze Group while embracing innovation and technology. We remain focused on creating master pieces that are environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Our Mission

We always strive to be our clients most trusted partner in luxury furniture by providing them with aesthetically beautiful, comfortable and quality products whilst maintaining consistent and exceptional customer service.

Environmentally-friendly and Sustainable.

About Benze

Founded in 1970, the Benze Group was established on deep routed principles and tradition. It all started with a passion for tailoring and upholstery and has now extended its bespoke services to include custom-made furniture.

Creating one-of-a-kind pieces whilst making it eco-friendly, comfortable and sophisticated is what sets us apart. Here at the Benze Group, we give our clients a product that exceeds their expectations by providing personalised and superior service that is second to none.